Great Trip to Peru

I had the privilege of going to Peru for the Youth Conference this year. We totally changed around the way we were doing things with this. We used to tell everyone to come so it wasn’t much of a Youth Conference. This year we decided to do the conference at Lighthouse Baptist Church instead of at the Bible College. We also asked the churches to send the young people instead of the whole church. We had around 500 young people at the conference and I was able to preach for the conference.

The preacher that was supposed to go (Johnny Nix) was not able to because he did not have his passport returned in time so I ended up doing the preaching. I had a great time seeing and spending time with many of my friends and co laborers in the ministry. We had many salvation decisions and rededications at the conference. I also had the privilege to preach at Omega Baptist Church. The church is doing well and they are looking forward to David arriving in January to work with them.

I am amazed to see how God has used Jeremy in the ministry there and cannot wait to see what he does with David as well. Please keep the ministry in your prayers. God has a purpose and a plan in all that he does and it is amazing to stand by and watch how he grows the men that God has given me the privilege of knowing.


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