Why did you stop updating?

Believe it or not this is something that I have been asked quite a few times as I am contacted by my friends and family.  So I figured I would give you the reasons behind that before I gave you the latest update about what is going on in our family.  So here goes my lame attempt to explain.

1.    I can’t stand whiners.

As a missionary I have seen too many people who are experts at only one thing and that is whining about how horrible their life is.  I find it exhausting and can’t wait to get away from people that live that way.  God is good and we shouldn’t be complaining about all the things in our life that are not going the way they had planned.

2.    I want to speak of his goodness.

God is good, not because of the things that happen around us or to us but because he is good.  I have felt that as I was giving the reality of what was going on with our family it might be misconstrued as not speaking of his goodness.

3.  I want people to be able to rejoice with us.

It is easy to rejoice as things are going well but when things seem to not go well (we all have periods like this) it is harder to rejoice.  The truth is that to have a peace that passes all understanding you have to be in a situation that passes all understanding.  That is kind of where we find ourselves now and so I thought it might be worth just sending an update every once in a while to let everyone know what is going on.

I want to thank my friend Brent Armstrong and some of the people in his church for helping me to realize that I need to keep letting people know so that they can see what i hope to be a testimony of God’s goodness through everything.  Thanks for following.



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  1. Becky Ingram November 8, 2012 at 3:36 pm #

    I know that God is carrying you all through this. I understand what you are saying so well. It isn’t about the trial but the journey with God through the trial. He does all things well. You are honoring God! 1 Peter 5:10 is still in the book.

  2. baidu883 November 9, 2012 at 5:39 am #

    good iedae,l like

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