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One more amazing year. :)

Well, yesterday Andria turned (don’t guess I should say) one year older. I want to thank God for giving me such an amazing friend. She is way more than what I dreamed a wife should be. These last few months have been some of the hardest months of our lives. We have gone through things we never dreamed we would of had to go through. It is in the difficult times where you can really appreciate what God has given you though. The last few months we have dealt with starting a new church, having people that we have invested our lives in turn around and pretend that we have done nothing but hurt them. We have even had daily threats against our lives because of the guy in the church that ran away with the money from people here in the city. The last few months have been very very difficult for me, for her and for our family. Stress levels that we had never seen before have become a daily occurence.
I am so thankful for the maturity that God has given my wife. She is way more mature than a normal person of her age. I am thankful that when I came home day after day of very difficult meetings with people who want to talk bad about us and many other things that I came home to a wife that was loving and supportive vs. bitter and someone else that I had to deal with. I am amazed day after day at how God uses her to help us go forward for his honor and glory.
Andria and I got married in 1996 and all I can say is that I cannot even imagine not being married to her. She is my absolute best friend, she is an amazing companion and just an amazing person. I am grateful that God allowed me to marry her and that he uses us together for his honor and glory. Andria, you are my hero. I want you to know that I am very grateful for all you do in the ministry here in Peru. Your attention to detail is second to none, your work with the music makes everything we do look great. I look forward to another 60 years growing closer together. Thanks for all you do. I indeed have found a Virtuous Woman.

Accidents in Peru

Well today one of the guys that are here in language school was riding up to the Bible College to go to classes and a car decided to pull out in front of him. He had to lay the scooter down and he and his wife got scraped up pretty bad. Please keep Rodney and Faye Holmes in your prayers.
They are missionaries to Venezuela and are doing a great job learning the language (when they make it to the classes) 🙂 They went to the hospital and got the scrapes looked at and they are fine. There is one change though. Faye said today that after having two wrecks that she is done on the motorcycle.
Of course having a wreck down here is more than just going to the hospital, he had to go get blood drawn to make sure he wasn’t drunk etc. No one had any doubts but that is protocol here. It is always fun being on the mission field and your day changes courses way too easily. My brother David is interested in buying the scooter from Rodney so we may end up visiting David now you never know.

Good friends and good times.

One of the great things I get to enjoy every year for the graduation at the Bible College is having my good friend John Pearson come and be a part of it. Can I just say as a side note that you ought to visit your missionaries? I love showing what God is doing here in Peru to the people that come and visit. This way you can check up and see what God is doing here and how your money is being used. This is vital when you support a missionary. OK back on subject, we had a great time with John and Sandy this year.
The good thing for me was that I had Rudy Johnson here with me, he was pushing me to do more than I have ever done before, after he was gone John took up the slack. I am excited about what God is going to do here in Peru over the next few years. We have had some issues (haven’t we all?) things haven’t gone exactly as I had planned them (do they ever?) but God is going to do a great work here. I am thankful for those friends that push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to do what has never been done before.
I am so thankful for new friends like Rudy Johnson as well as for old friends like John Pearson. This has definitely been a time of iron sharpening iron.

Graduation at the Bible College

God has been so good to us. Graduation was on the 4th of December this year. We are so thankful for the privilege God has given us to train up young people. We had 12 young people graduate and we are excited to see what God is going to do with their lives. If you are a regular supporter of the Bible College can I tell you that you are investing in probably one of the best ministries I know of when it comes to the fruit that comes from that ministry.
Out of the graduates, we have Braulio Zavaleta. He has taken over a dying church during his senior year and has done great things there in Chivay. Chivay is a small city up next to the deepest Canyon in the country of Peru. It has a lot of tourists go through there and about 5,000 people live there. He is out of Faith Baptist Church and God is using him in great ways. We also had a young man named Dennis Melgar graduate. He is going to Ecuador and is planning on working with Bro. Raymond Bradley and will be starting a church in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Alex Gutierrez is going to work in his church for one more year then go to the north part of Peru to start a church. He is currently praying about Trujillo. Pray for the graduates that God would use their lives in an amazing way. We are so thankful for being able to work with them.
We had the privilege of having Rudy Johnson come preach for us from Pisaq, Peru. He has been used of God in amazing ways here in Peru. He is 78 years old and has the attitude of a 30 year old. He is still dreaming and doing great things for God. He has been in Peru right at 50 years and has had the privilege of growing the two largest churches in the country. Both churches ran over 1500 people while he was working in them and they are still very strong churches to this day. He has trained up many men and women to serve God. It was a great privilege to sit around and hear war stories from a man that has been used of God through the years.
God bless.