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Caught up

I am now caught up with what is going on down here with us, I will be sending more out but hopefully be able to do it quickly.  This is Chris Gardner from Brasilea Brazil signing off for a couple of days.

Mother´s day in Cobija

I don´t know why, but today is Mother´s Day here in Bolivia.  I have no idea what we ate after the services but it was very different.
We have had special services all week and seen many come to Christ and many make decisions.  Please pray that we will continue to see many things done here in Bolivia.  Lorenzo Laura, a College graduate is pastoring here in Cobija, this city is so different from the city that he came from (Arequipa).  The weather is hot, the houses are built on stilts (for the rainy season to prevent flooding) vs. cement.  Pray for he and his family that God would use their lives.  Pray for us as well, we will be returning tomorrow at 8 am.  I think I will be flying around that longest part of the trip.  I really want to get back home, and I have no desire to take the over 20 hour trip again. Thanks for staying up to date with what is going on.  I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.

24th of May going to the border

On the 24th, we got up and paid a Taxi to take us to the tiny village of Iñapari.  Iñapari is a small city on the border of Brazil.  We rode in this taxi for 5 hours and got our pasport stamped to leave the country then we paid a Brazilian taxi to take us to Cobija which was about 2 hours away.  It was very fun speaking with him in Portugese.  We started witnessing to him and he told us that his family goes to a Baptist Church in Brazil and that he promised me he would go at least.  We finally got to Cobija Bolivia after riding through 2 hours of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Brazil is amazing.  We arrived at 7:15 pm their time and got to a hotel put our ties on, get our Bibles ready and go preach the first night of the revival.  I was amazed that I didn´t fall asleep while preaching. 
This city is almost unbearably hot.  Air Conditioning is not hardly any where.  The people here are telling me how blessed I am because this is a cold time of the year for them they are walking around at night in over 80 degree weather.  I can handle cold but heat and myself don´t get along too well.  Please pray for us as we are working here in Bolivia to see souls reached with the gospel.

Tuesday 22nd of May

On the 21st we were able to stay at the house.  It was nice being back in our own bed.  On Tuesday, we left the house at 8 am and went to the bus station to head out to Cobija Bolivia to preach a revival.  We went from Lima to Juliaca, a city about 5 hours south of Arequipa.  We left at 9 and arrived at 2.  We went to get a fast bite of something to eat at a local restaraunt.  Juliaca isn´t known for its food but we found something before getting on our next bus at 4 p.m.  When we travel in Peru, most of the time we are able to travel on nice buses.  Well, we arrived from Lima to Arequipa on a very nice bus, then went from arequipa to Juliaca on a decent bus and the next one was going to surprise us. 
 Juliaca is right next to Puno where the highest navigable lake in the world is at.  It is very cold even in the day time, so we are trying to stay warm while eating lunch.  We scarfed it down because it takes so long to get stuff ready when they do everything from scratch.  We finished eating and went to the bus station.  The bus was supposed to leave at 3 pm but in Peru you never really know if the time they give you means anything or not.  We waited outside the bus station until 4 pm and there comes the bus.
 I have traveled all over South America in a bus but when I saw this one arrive it scared me.  This was a monster bus.  It was raised way up in the air.  I thought the outside was bad until I got in the bus.  We were going to ride on this thing all the way to Puerto Maldonado.  This was supposed to be anywhere from an 18 to 28 hour trip.  I got on the bus and the seats were ripped into pieces and I thought I was in a movie where the chickens would be getting on with me.  I had always made fun of those buses on the movies saying that as long as I had been in Peru I had never seen a bus like that, well guess what NOW I HAVE. 😉
We got on the bus and saw everyone getting on the bus with blankets and stuff and all that we had was jackets and nothing special at all.  We thought that Juliaca was cold but we are about to find out that Juliaca is a nice and warm place. 
We left and within 30 minutes there were no paved roads, so we were bouncing around like you cannot imagine.  I have never been anywhere in the states where the roads were this bad.  The only place that would come close would be my papaws farm when we went in the truck looking for cattle.  For five hours we went up hill and it got colder and colder and colder.  We crossed many tributaries to the Amazon river and saw waterfalls etc.  It was beautiful as long as we weren´t bouncing around and we could actually see it. 
I regretted having come this way within about 3 hours, but we weren´t able to return.  The road was a one lane road that once in a while had an opening for someone to move over so the other vehicle could get by.  It was funny because everytime we would come across another vehicle, the drivers would get out and scream at each other until one of them gave in.  Evidentally our guy wasn´t a gifted communicator.  We were in reverse way too much.  I looked out the window on many occassions and could see that one of the tires in the back was hanging off of the side of a cliff in the middle of the jungle.  Faith was needed for this trip.
 After 5 hours we finally started going downhill.  We finally arrived in Puerto Maldonado at 1:30 pm.  This is a city that is situated on the side of the Amazon river.  It is very  very very hot and has no Baptist Church that we were able to find.  Pray that the Lord would allow us to raise up and train a man that could go and reach this city with the gospel.  One of the young guys that is traveling with me acted very interested and I am praying that if it is the Lord´s will for him to show him how to go about reaching this area of Peru.
We rented a hotel room for the night and decided to stay a night before going out for our next leg of the trip.  Please pray for us that the Lord would use us in an incredible way to see souls saved all around Peru.  I really believe that the circuit riding ministry that is being started by my brother David Gardner will be an incredible help to reach people around the major city of Puerto Maldonado.  Pray for us that the Lord would allow him to arrive quickly and that we would be able to see many souls reached with the gospel. 
Thanks for choosing to stay up to date with us this way.  If you have any comment or questions about what I put in here please feel free to write me at and I would be more than happy to let you know what is going on.  If you are reading the blog you are getting an unedited version of everything that is going on down here.  I hope you enjoy it.

Saturday 19th of May through 21st of May

On Saturday, we left to go to Lima.  We had a young man that graduated from the Bible College that was graduating and he was being ordained.  We left at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night and arrived in Lima Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  We first went to a church in Lince where a couple of the Bible College students are working along side Ja Henline to start a new church.  It was a blessing seeing the guys and seeing all that God is doing through them.  We traveled for fourteen hours with church pants on and a tshirt and then when we arrived in Lima we put our dress shirts and ties on.  Needless to say we were very tired.  I preached that morning and then went to another church there in Lime where another one of our Bible College graduates is working.  It was the 3rd anniversary of the church and it was amazing as I walked in to see close to 200 people there together.  This church was taken over by one of our college students when a missionary had to return home.  What  a blessing to see how God has used this young mans life.  The church was full of mainly adults.  Miguel Murillo, the main man at the Bible College was preaching a revival for him and kept telling me how proud he was at all that God was doing there in Surquillo.  In the mid afternoon, we had a service that started around 4 p.m. to ordain Jonathan who is also a graduate of the Bible College.  There were pastors from the states as well as many men from Peru, it was wonderful to hear from Miguel how well the guys had done in the questioning time.  Jonathan is doing an incredible job working along side Bro. Joe Kotvas.  The church is growing and doing incredible there in Lima.  I thank God for the privilege of working along side great men like Bro. Kotvas and Jonathan.  During the ordination service, there was somewhere around 600 people, and they are now averaging between 180 and 200 in their normal services. 
We left on Monday evening at 8:30 p.m. and arrived back in Arequipa on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.  Tired is a major understatement.
I know that after reading this, this has given you a good idea of what makes everything here in Peru and around South America continue to go on so strong.  The training of faithful men has been incredible in the spreading of the gospel.  If you would like to help by supporting a student in the Bible College, please let me know by writing me at  We are excited to see all that God has done so far and all that he will continue doing to reach the world with the Gospel.  Please pray for us and the Bible College that God will continue using it.
For his Glory,

Been a while

Sorry it has been so long since I have written, being a missionary it is not always easy to get around to doing a blog especially while traveling.  I will take the blog and try to update it day to day to let you know what is going on here on the mission field.  I will be sending different little things that tells about what is going on right now.  Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy knowing on a more consistent basis what is going on here on the mission field.  God bless.


Faith Baptist Church

The Lord has really been blessing the Faith Baptist Church.  We are now averaging over 400 people in the Sunday morning services and we are discussing starting a 3rd Sunday morning service in September.  We are excited about all that God is doing.  One of the neatest things that is happening at Faith Baptist Church is that we have baptized people the past 6 weeks.  It is neat to see people being saved and baptized.  Continue to pray for the church that God would allow us to purchase land soon and that we would be able to build a building to seat enough people.  We are excited to have the privilege to pastor such an incredible church.  Pray for us as we do this.

Test dates for Bible College

Be praying for the students, they are in mid semester exams right now.  The guys are walking around with eyes swollen because of not getting enough sleep.  They should be through with all of this by the end of next week.  Pray for the Bible College as we try our hardest to train men and women with the mentality to reach the world. 

Mother’s Day at the Bible College

The guys at the Bible College had mothers day today.  We had over 50 mothers at the college and they had a great time.  It is interesting to see the ladies get excited about what God is doing in their childrens lives.  The students came up with the money to do all of the activities and the women had a blast.

The dollar at all time lows

The Dollar has hit all time lows here in Peru right now.  When I took over the Bible College and the ministries here in Peru, the dollar was at 3.47.  Yesterday the dollar was at 3.12, this means that we have lost over 10% of every dollar that we have coming in to support us personally as well as the Bible College etc.  And for you guys that think that this means that we have 3.12 times more money down here that is not the case.  Gasoline right now costs right at 11 soles a gallon which translated would be $3.52.  Please be praying for the Bible College as well as our personal support during this time.
We would like to ask you to pray for the Bible College and the food bill here.  While the dollar has been going down in value, the costs for the food here has consistently gone up.  Meats have gone up about 25 to 30% while rice and potatoes have gone up 20%.  The new president is raising the food cost and this is also caused uprising among the people in Peru.  Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in how to pay for the bills with everthing going up.  If you would like to support the bible college, please let us know by writing us at