Archive | October, 2006

Great day at Faith Baptist Church

We had 327 people today at Faith Baptist Church.  Please be praying that we could find a place that is bigger or that we could go ahead and buy a piece of property.  We have found a few pieces of property but they are going to cost a minimum of 100,000 just for the property.  Pray that we can fnd a place.

Men’s meeting at Faith Baptist Church

Today we had a men’s breakfast at the church.  We had about 25 men from the church there.  It was pretty exciting to have a time together with them.  I will get better at carrying a camera with me and you guys can see more about what is going on.  We had adobo and a lesson from the Word of God.  We had a great time.  I thank God for the great men that he has put in the Faith Baptist Church.  This year we turn 4 years old and we already average over 320 on Sunday mornings.  It is amazing to see what God is doing.